If the sun’s over the yardarm then it’s high time for a spot of fish and fizz

It's 12 o'clock somewhere and this timely brunch tipple is an awfully English excuse to momentarily mislay your pocketwatch. This rather handsome pairing has been dished up by the team at the equitably picturesque Gravetye Manor in Sussex, where Broken Clock is now being served.

The cocktail is the bibulous brainchild of the 16th century boutique hotel's Bar and Lounge Manager, Constantin Grigore Panainte, who has named the drink The 12 O’clock making it indubitably apt for Sunday brunch.

He's infused Broken Clock Vodka with apricot blossom tea and shaken it up with a little cognac, egg white, lemon juice and dash of grenadine before topping it up for good measure with sparkling wine.

One Michelin star executive chef George Blogg has prepared a dish of cured Dorset char, radish, cucumber, burnet and caviar, using produce from the manor's vast kitchen garden.

It's fittingly presented as an edible English rose and cannily compliments the complexity and elegance of Constantin's cocktail creation.