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October 25, 2020

It’s one of Mayfair’s shortest streets but it has a long running reputation for very mixed fortunes, stretching all the way back to the Georgian era.

The neighbourhood around Hay Hill was renowned as being the hang out for the 18th century’s most flamboyant of bon vivants; the Dandies.

And perhaps the two most infamous Dandies of all were the Prince Regent – the future King George IV – and his sharply dressed wingman, Beau Brummell.
IMG_1520_20-10-23_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Hay-Hill_Bloody_Mary.jpg These dapper gentlemen were notorious in Georgian high society for their fondness of wild parties, exuberant tailoring, loose women and running up enormous gambling debts.

The story goes that one early Summer’s morning, Beau Brummell found himself walking home along Hay Hill after a costly late night at the gambling table. He was lamenting his bad luck and huge debts, when he spied a shimmering sixpence in the gutter.

He remarked, “Here is a harbinger of good luck,” and he took the rather bent sixpence home, drilled a hole through it and fastened it to his pocket watch chain.

It’s said this lucky charm immediately reversed his fortunes and for the next two years he had a winning streak on the baize and the turf, totalling almost £30,000.

However, Hay Hill wasn’t so prosperous for poor Prince George whose defining encounter on this street left him decidedly more out of pocket.

George’s flush repute preceded him and one evening when his carriage was spied travelling along Hay Hill, highwaymen pounced on it and held George and his companions at gun point, purloining all of their money and possessions.

Our luck is certainly in for this weekend’s Sunday Brunch as we’ve sauntered into 12 Hay Hill – a private members club and cocktail bar perfect for Dandies just like us – where as fortune would have it, Bar Manager @cistoch has made this delectable Broken Clock Bloody Mary for us.