here you will do well to linger; here our highest good is pleasure”

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A Quintessentially English Martini

October 27, 2019

If one could describe a vodka as being “quintessentially English”, then Broken Clock would fit the mould. It is meticulously made in the North of England using classic flavours and time-honoured methods.

Increasingly we encounter other like-minded British producers who work just as tirelessly in the pursuit of creating inventive drinks that have provenance, traditional production methods and rare and forgotten ingredients. IMG_1838_19-10-22_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Broken_Martini_Horiz.jpg It was this shared philosophy which saw Broken Clock compelled pay a visit to the workshop of the talented Asterley Bros in London as part of the search for a home grown dry vermouth for a classic vodka martini.

The wooden shelves are stacked to the rafters with jars of infusions and British botanicals which all play their critical part in the final recipes along with the base of English wine.

The vermouth makes for a distinctive and wonderfully complex vodka martini. Flavours of rose, sage, camomile, mugwort and yarrow partner perfectly with the old botanicals and slow-ripened windfall apples in the Broken Clock Vodka recipe.

Asterley Bros produce the vermouth along with two other brothers - the Schofields in Manchester - and rather like the symphony of flavours in our cocktail, it’s testimony that sharing ideas and a common ethos is often a recipe for success.


70 ml Broken Clock Lingering Vodka
10 ml Asterley Bros, Schofield’s English Dry Vermouth


Stir the vodka and vermouth with plenty of ice in a mixing glass until very cold. Strain into a chilled martini glass.