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All the Time in the World

June 19, 2020

This little watering can is in fact a vermouth dispenser.

It was made by Cartier from sterling silver in the 1950s just as the Vodka Martini became a hit owing to the popularity of the books and movies about one well known secret agent.

Asking for your martini ‘shaken not stirred’ is a sign of an individual who is too hurried to enjoy the bartender’s ritual, but then James Bond was rather busy thwarting villains and slipping under cover in a state of undress.

In contrast, the Broken Clock philosophy is to enjoy the luxury of time and our Broken Martini should be stirred patiently to achieve the precise balance of flavour and dilution and sipped as if one has all the time in the world. And you can protract the pleasure of your martini further with this little device, one drop at a time.

Perhaps this is what Q Branch should have engineered for 007 as it is unquestionably more useful than a submersible sportscar or plastic explosive toothpaste.

Broken Clock Vodka similarly also likes to keep the British end up - coming as it does from English country gardens - and so for our Broken Martini it’s fitting that we choose @asterleybros Schofield’s Dry Vermouth, which is made using English wine and classic British botanicals.

Finally, we add a simple twist of Amalfi lemon peel and altogether this makes for an aromatic and harmonious Vodka Martini with floral notes and a quintessentially English zest.


70 ml Broken Clock Vodka
10 ml Asterley Bros Schofield’s English Dry Vermouth
Amalfi Lemon Peel


Chill a mixing glass then add the vodka, vermouth and plenty of ice and stir for 30 seconds. Remember, this is the most important task for any proper Martini. Taste the cocktails with your bar spoon - to make the drink more diluted or colder stir a little longer. Then strain into a cold coupe.

Cut some lemon peel - without pith - and squeeze its essential oils onto the drink then rub the skin all around the glass. Twist the peel and drop it in.

Add some cold vermouth to your dispenser and keep it beside your drink. Add one drop at a time to make your Martini more ‘wet’.