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December 6, 2020

Donning a splash of purple was once enough to have you locked in the Tower of London – or worse.

It’s a colour that was once so sought after and expensive to procure that sumptuary laws forbade anyone but God’s chosen rulers from wearing it, hence monarchy being described as being ‘born of the purple’.

As far back as Roman Emperors, unworthy citizens caught wearing purple were thrown to the lions and Queen Elizabeth I adored the colour so much that only her very closest mentors were permitted to dress in purple garbs.
And while Elizabeth’s predecessor ‘Bloody Mary’ was infamous for her penchant for seeing red and ordering fiery murder, today’s Sunday Brunch recipe is a right royal affair which would no doubt have pleased Liz no end – a bright purple twist on this classic brunch cocktail.

Just don’t get caught drinking it unless you’re born of the purple yourself!


40 ml Broken Clock Vodka
10 ml Manzanilla Sherry
50 ml Pulped Beetroot in Natural Juice
50 ml Cawston Press Pickled Beetroot and Apple Juice
15 ml Lemon Juice
1 tsp Hot Cream of Horseradish
5 Dashes Tabasco
4 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce
Dash Balsamic and Fig Glaze
Pinch Salt and Pepper

Purple Kalette


Key to the recipe is to achieve a balance between the sweet and earth flavours of the beetroot, so begin by pulping or blending the beetroots in their natural juice and then combine with the beetroot and apple juice so that the mixture tastes earthy yet with a slight sweet tanginess.

Combine all the ingredients in a Boston Tin and stir thoroughly with a bar spoon to break up the cream of horseradish. Add plenty of ice and the top of the shaker and roll the mixture to chill it down before pouring into a well iced glass and adding the garnish on the rim.

The cocktail can also be thrown to aerate and combine the mixture, though be warned that spilt beetroot juice may results in even more life threatening consequences than feeling the wrath of the Sovereign.