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February 28, 2021

Parched 18th century Britons found it a first-rate way to pep up their favourite cuppa.

And if it’s good enough for Earl Grey then why not squeeze a little fragrant Bergamot into your morning cocktail too?

This fresh and zesty brunch cocktail makes for an altogether more sophisticated Bloody Mary – extending one’s little finger whilst sipping is discretionary.


40 ml Broken Clock Vodka
10 ml Asterley Bros Schofield’s Dry Vermouth
10 ml Fresh Bergamot Juice
100 ml Cherry Tomato Juice
Half a Fresh Chilli
Pinch Salt

2.5 ml Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto Liqueur
Mimosa Sprig
Pinch Pepper


Fresh pulped cherry tomatoes add to the cocktail’s freshness, so begin by pulping around 300 g of ripe vine tomatoes along with half a red chilli and sieve to leave 100 ml of lightly spiced juice.

Combine the juice with the other ingredients in a Boston Tin, stir and then add some ice. Pop the lid on the tin and roll it for 10 seconds to chill the mixture.

Ice up a highball glass and roughly strain the cocktail into it. Clip the mimosa sprig onto the rim of the glass, add a crack of black pepper and give the surface of the cocktail a couple of aromatic sprays of Italicus from an atomiser or spray bottle.