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November 8, 2020

Did you wake up still wearing last night’s tuxedo and make the shock discovery you’re out of tomato juice?

Then this dashing brunch cocktail recipe could be just the ticket to rescue your Sunday.

The Bloody-tini is a twist on the classic Vodka Martini, combined with tangy Bloody Mary flavours.
IMG_1599_20-11-06_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Bloody-tini.jpg It is shaken – not stirred – to awaken the sweet and savoury flavours of the cherry tomato along with Broken Clock’s quintessentially English garden essences.

It’s an ideal brunch tipple for when one is seeking to be suave and sophisticated whilst reading the Sunday papers in their favourite pair of slippers


60 ml Broken Clock Vodka
15 ml White Balsamic Vinegar
15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15 ml Sugar Syrup
1 Cherry Tomato

Cherry Vine Tomatoes
Black Pepper Rim


Start by chilling a martini glass in the freezer and just before you make the cocktail, rim the glass with cracked black pepper using lemon juice.

Muddle the cherry tomato in the bottom of the shaker, then add all the other ingredients and plenty of ice. Now shake until very cold, double strain into the glass and add the garnish.