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May 2, 2020

The cunning Clematis is a vigorously growing deciduous climber which originates from the mountainous regions of Asia and was introduced to the British Isles during the Georgian era.

The plant symbolises ingenuity, trickery and artifice thanks to its ability to creep up and cling onto the most difficult of locations. Clematis is also known as ‘traveler’s joy’, in part because it’s always on the move. In Britain, Clematis escaped into the wild from the confines of garden cultivation in the 1920s and is now a common site on waste ground and brown field sites.

They enjoy nothing more than growing up old walls and covering sheds and out-buildings.

Examples like this stunning White Anemone Clematis explode into flower for just 4 lingering weeks every May, so catch the crafty climber’s display before the wily vine looses its conspicuous blooms and continues its leafy chicanery.