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September 20, 2020

Knightsbridge has a long history of hosting heated encounters and this Bloody Mary is a worthy adversary for our piquant cravings.

Broken Clock is now being poured at the famous Fifth Floor Bar at Harvey Nichols which is on the edge of Hyde Park.

Today this green space is popular for sunbathers and joggers but during the Georgian period it was London’s favourite spot for a gentlemanly duel.

172 duels took place here with swords or pistols during the 18th century with 63 proving fatal. Duels usually involved men from nobility though some ladies were known to take part too.
IMG_0423_20-09-18_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Bloody_Mary_Harvey_Nichols.jpg The motives for this civilised way of settling a dispute range from unpaid debts and differing political views to insulting another man’s fiancé. There’s at least one account of noblemen resorting to duelling pistols after their dogs misbehaved in the park.

Duellists adhered to a time-honoured code of etiquette with the challenger’s objective being to restore their honour and gain satisfaction, rather than just to barbarically kill or maim.

The challenged party was allowed to decide on the weapon of choice for the duel and could state a preference for what time they should meet, depending on their diary.

Meanwhile the challenger would choose the date, location and most importantly the severity of the ‘satisfaction’ they craved.

For minor disputes this might be first to draw first blood or a sword fight until submission. If pistols were chosen, the severity of the dispute was demonstrated by how many bullets each person would get.

Only after severe wrongdoing would the challenger request à l’outrance; a fight to the death.

Indeed, refusing an invitation to duel may result in a fate worse than death; being deemed a coward by high society was perhaps the biggest dishonour of all.

We’re certainly gaining satisfaction from this flavoursome and spicy Bloody Mary which is loaded with two shots of our quintessentially English vodka.


50 ml Broken Clock Vodka
50 ml Fresh Tomato Juice
25 ml HN Bar House Spice Mix
15 ml Lemon Juice
2 dashes Tabasco

Desiccated Tomato Slice
Celery Stick


Build the drink in an iced highball, stir and garnish.