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July 26, 2020

Hannah Glasse’s book gave Georgian England its first taste for ice cream but had she included our recipe for horseradish flavour a scoop today might taste more adventurous.

The Art Of Cookery Made Plain And Easy featured the first method in print for making raspberry ice cream using two pewter bowls and ice cubes. Such was the popularity, it prompted the well-to-do to install ice houses in their gardens.
IMG_9033_20-07-21_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Ice-cream.jpg Glasse’s complete cookbook also featured the earliest recipes for Indian curry, pilau rice and Yorkshire puddings and became a best-seller for the next century.

As was commonplace at the time, most of Glasse’s recipes were ‘borrowed’ from other publications but the origin of her ice cream recipe remains a mystery.

Some years earlier we know that Charles II was the first English monarch to regularly enjoy ice cream but he was so protective of his royal recipe that he paid his staff an annual sum never to divulge it.

Thankfully we make no secret of our homemade horseradish ice cream recipe and we’re serving it up as part of this weekend’s somewhat avant-garde Sunday Brunch offering, along with a spicy chilli and Broken Clock Vodka jam and candied sun dried tomatoes.