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July 19, 2020

The 16th century was a golden age for peace and prosperity but for those living in the House of Tudor, life could sometimes be a little less civilised.

Henry VIII infamously resorted to a rather novel approach to marriage counselling and when his only son Edward VI passed the throne down to his teenage cousin Jane, his scorned half-sister Mary seized it after nine days and had her executed.
IMG_8976_20-07-18_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Lady_Jane_Grey.jpg It was on this day in 1533 that young Lady Jane Grey’s fleeting time on the English throne came to an end, making her Britain’s most short-lived monarch.

Staunch Catholic Mary I quickly became Britain’s most homicidal ruler, burning hundreds of Protestants at the stake for heresy and rightly earning herself the nickname Bloody Mary.

But perhaps she wasn’t all bad, or maybe she felt just a teensy bit sorry for her young cousin; rather than burning Jane alive as was customary for high treason she generously granted her the relatively merciful reprieve of a swift beheading.
IMG_8922_20-07-18_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Lady_Jane_Grey.jpg Our Sunday Brunch cocktail recipe is a fittingly fierce tribute to this tempestuous tale.

For the past nine days we’ve been fermenting our own hot sauce and it has turned out to be as fiery as a tyrannical Tudor’s temper and an apt alternative to Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.

The addition of brooding black pudding adds an earthly and meaty complexity and the cocktail is paired with an appetising bloody beetroot and goat’s cheese macaron.


35 ml Broken Clock Vodka
100 ml Pressed Tomato Juice
15 ml Homemade Hot Sauce*
10 ml Lemon Juice
10 g Cooked Black Pudding
Red Wine Sea Salt Rim
Goat’s Cheese
Fresh Beetroots


Rim each glass with lemon juice and then dab into the sea salt.

Briefly combine the Broken Clock Vodka, hot sauce, lemon juice and black pudding in a blender and allow the black pudding to integrate for 20-30 minutes. Add ice to the glass and add the cocktail.

For the beetroot and goat’s cheese macarons:

Roast and peel the beetroots and then slice into equal sized rounds approximately the size of a two pound coin. Sandwich some ripe goat’s cheese between two rounds and perch the macaron on the glass.

*For the hot sauce method see our recipe from 10th July.