If you’re looking for a cure for the January blues then here’s a chirpy twist on the Vesper Martini, in an altogether more uplifting hue.

The Den at The St Martin’s Lane Hotel has been transformed into a secret gallery that’s been decked out with eight curious artworks, paying homage to Britain’s most quintessential pursuits and pastimes.

And each picture or painting is paired with a different bespoke cocktail, all of which are being served alongside a deliciously inventive, boozy afternoon tea.

Free Bird is a tipple that celebrates the nation’s favourite feathered friend, the budgie, and it’s a snifter that will have you waggling with delight.

Bars Operations Manager Omar Mohamed has infused Broken Clock with herby oregano before stirring the martini up with Lillet Blanc, Bombay Sapphire gin and clarified yellow tomato juice all garnished with a nugget of yellow tomato caviar.

The corresponding artwork features an empty bird cage and keen-eyed drinkers may spot the bright yellow escapee perched high above in the ceiling.

And to top things off the afternoon tea comes served in a bird’s cage too, making this cocktail the ideal accompaniment to this most awfully English of ways to treat one’s sweet and savoury tendencies.