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August 23, 2020

We’re serving up a classic British brunch of kippers on hot buttered toast using a traditional and agreeably easy method called ‘jugging’.

While kippers are perhaps the most delicious – and rather under-appreciated – of oily fish dishes they do have the downside of requiring you to fumigate your entire household every time you grill, fry or bake them.
117731484_784409169058394_8790587401133088803_n.jpg But this ingenious old technique of poaching the kippers in a jug is clean and simple, takes minutes to accomplish and alleviates any fears of temporary eviction.

Start by warming your jug. Then decapitate your kippers (if not already headless), fold each fish and place them standing upright in the jug. Now fill the jug with boiling water, being sure to cover the tops of each kipper. Wait 6 minutes before fishing them out.
118090349_184746286356169_2448883310228250778_n.jpg Hey presto; perfect kippers in less time than it takes to toast your loaf and butter it.

See today’s Sunday Brunch recipe for a delectable Bloody Mary pairing for this fabulous fish.