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Sunday Brunch

March 15, 2020

This week’s Sunday Brunch cocktail comes from Bloody Mary Challenge 2020 finalist @miguel_freitasbar from Blixen whose heavenly creation - The Santa Maria - gave the judges quite an epiphany.

The recipe is a holy trinity of classic Bloody Mary flavours, ingredients plucked from Blixen’s brunch menu as well as Miguel’s very own Iberian influences.

Indeed the method begins in the kitchen where Miguel creates his own fresh gazpacho base for the cocktail using fresh tomato, Port and cucumber.

And the divine culinary inspiration continues with the addition of Blixen’s own tomato jam as a garnish along with Miguel’s home made cucumber caviar.

Above all Miguel says he wanted a drink which allowed the characterful Broken Clock Vodka to chime through and the result is a righteous success.



40 ml Broken Clock Vodka
20 ml Lemon Juice
90 ml Tomato Mix

Blixen Tomato Jam and Cucumber Caviar.

Tomato Mix:
Onions, Tabasco, Garlic, Peppers (red and green), Smoked Paprika, Chillies, 20 ml Port Wine, Cucumber, Salt and Fresh Tomatoes.


Cook the tomato mix for 10 minutes then let it rest and cool.

Mix the Broken Clock Vodka, lemon juice and tomato mix throughly by ‘throwing’ between two tins.

Build the drink over ice in a highball glass and garnish with the tomato jam topped with the cucumber caviar.