here you will do well to linger; here our highest good is pleasure”

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Mortal Coil

November 9, 2019

In the present day, where time is one of the last great, untamed variables, there is a rather wondrous sensibility when we consider the unhurried pace and rhythm of nature which trees sway along to season after season.

Indeed our mortal coils must seem like the blink of an eye to a mighty oak or ancient sweet chestnut. IMG_0656_19-11-07_Broken_Clock_lingering_Vodka_Annual_Rings_Horiz.jpg Counting a tree’s rings is an incredibly accurate way to determine its age. Each ring will tell you something about that specific year the tree was alive... thin or faint lines will indicate drought, disease or even fire, while strong, thick lines indicate a perfect, wet growing season.

These sleeping giants can live for hundreds of years and some species have been aged to as old as five millennia.

If only they could be compelled to do so, what tales these trees could tell about the sights and sounds they’ve encountered over the long, steady passing of time.