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Out of this World

September 26, 2019

The most quintessential expression of Broken Clock Lingering Vodka in a cocktail has to be the Classic Martini.

This fabulous example was made for us by Marco, the Bar Manager at Skylon restaurant in London.

Skylon is named after the space rocket-like structure which once took pride of place at the 1951 Festival of Britain on the Southbank. The futuristic 300 ft high suspended structure seemed to hover in time and space above the London skyline. 19-09-24_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Skylon-bar.jpg The Noilly Prat Vermouth and the space-age looking lemon peel — seemingly streaking along the rim of the glass — make for a cocktail which is certainly out of this World.


70ml Broken Clock Lingering Vodka
10ml Noilly Prat Vermouth
Essential oils of lemon/lemon zest
Lemon peel garnish


1. Coat plenty of ice with the Noilly Prat in a mixing jar then pour away and discard (a.k.a “in & out”)
2. Pour in the Broken Clock Lingering Vodka and stir until very cold
3. Strain into a chilled martini glass
4. Squeeze the lemon zest to release the essential oils on top of the martini
5. Garnish with lemon peel