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May 16, 2021

Nice weather for ducks? This profusely pickled ploughman’s makes for a rather pucker picnic, even if you don’t quite make it outside.

This Sunday brunch spread of homemade ham hock terrine, Cromwell Bishop Stilton and Black Bomber cheddar cheese is drenched with a suitably soused Broken Clock Gibson.


70 ml Broken Clock Vodka
10 ml Asterley Bros Schofield’s Dry Vermouth

2 Pickled Onions


Begin by chilling your martini glass – we leave ours in the freezer overnight to save time the next morning.

Fill a mixing glass with ample ice cubes and add the Broken Clock and vermouth. Stir briskly with a bar spoon until the liquid is very cold, with a touch of dilution.

Double strain into your chilly martini glass, spear two pickled onions onto a cocktail stick and perch it on the rim.

When you’re ready to imbibe, pop the onions into the drink to release their tangy, umami essences.