Starting off the new year as we mean to go on having a spot of martini time with 2023’s official Martini of the Year, from mixologist Ed Garner.

This ambrosial and rather opulent libation was chosen as the winning martini at last year’s Classic Cocktail Competition, organised by Pub & Bar Magazine and Dine Out Magazine and sponsored by Broken Clock Vodka.

Ed who is the area training manager for Nightcap bar group crafted this champion concoction by fat washing our awfully English vodka with rich truffle butter before melding it with a whisp of savoury vermouth and olive brine, all served up with an irresistible snack of blue cheese stuffed olives.

And this tremendous tipple, along with his other cocktail creations, saw Ed crowned as classic cocktail bartender of the year at the climax of the competition.


30 ml Fat Washed Broken Clock Vodka
30 ml Broken Clock Vodka
15 ml Cocchi Americano
15 ml Olive Brine

Olives Stuffed with Blue Cheese



For the fat washed vodka, add a whole bottle of Broken Clock to a kilner jar along with 30g of gently melted Italian truffle butter. Shake the mixture vigorously before popping into a freezer overnight. The next day, skim off the solids and filter into a bottle to refrigerate and store.

For the cocktail, stir the ingredients in a mixing jar with plenty of ice before straining into a chilled martini glass and garnishing with a skewer of cheese stuffed olives.