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Sunday Brunch No9

April 19, 2020

Lockdown needn’t mean forgoing life’s little luxuries and so if your fizz is going flat and you are down to your last half lobster in the fridge then we have the perfect Sunday Brunch cocktail for you.

The ‘Lobster Mary’ has been created by Bloody Mary Challenge finalist Stephen Bond - @pandafeatures - who is head bartender at Gaucho Birmingham and the recipe is inspired by his favourite culinary showpiece which he likes to make at home for special guests; a lobster and champagne risotto. 850_0192_20-04-18_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Sunday_Brunch_Story.jpg Stephen says Broken Clock’s fruit and floral high notes compliment the flavours in the complex tomato consumme and the citrusy Yupik saki perfectly.

Meanwhile the overnight infusion of wasabi in our vodka gives the cocktail a fiery kick.

The Chandon syrup is made from sparkling wine that has gone flat at the restaurant making the recipe both indulgent and reassuringly frugal.


40 ml Wasabi Infused Broken Clock Vodka
15 ml Akashi-Tai Yuzushu Saki
100 ml Homemade Tomato Consumme
20 ml Chandon Syrup

Tomato consumme:
A blend of tomatoes, apple, celery, ginger, basil and truffle salt to give it a bit more punch. Strained once blended to clarify.

Chandon syrup:
Equal parts sparkling wine and white sugar.

Half a lobster, grilled and brushed with chimichurri butter
Micro cress


First prep the lobster. Next, combine the Broken Clock Vodka, sake, consumme and Chandon syrup over ice in a cocktail tin, shake and strain into glass with plenty of ice.

Garnish with the cress and amaranth and serve with the side of lobster.