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October 24, 2021

This #sundaybrunch pairing is quite the catch and should reel in any remnants of a hangover in no time.

It’s a somewhat smoky affair, pairing an appetising smoked eel sandwich - served with horseradish and mustard cream and pickled onions - with a pucker, peated #brokenclockvodka martini, spiked with Scotch.

And if fishing isn’t your forte, you can leave the rod and waders at home and head to London’s @quovadissoho where this canny sandwich is the signature dish and bar manager @meneghinipaolo will happily serve you an #awfullyenglish vodka.


60 ml Broken Clock Vodka
10 ml Isla Bay Whisky
Lemon Peel


Stir the Broken Clock Vodka and whisky in a mixing glass with plenty of ice until very cold.

Strain into a frozen martini glass then take a slice of lemon peel and twist and squeeze it over the surface of the drink to release the zesty oils. Run around the rim, drop into the drink and tuck in.