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June 24, 2020

They pull the little blossom threads
From out the knapweeds button heads
And put the husk wi many a smile
In their white bosoms for awhile
Who if they guess aright the swain
That loves sweet fancys trys to gain
~ John Clare (1793 –1864) from his poem, ‘May’

Spare a thought for the singletons of the 18th century whose methods for finding romance were even more bewildering than the devices employed in the modern day.

Historically a favoured way of showing someone you had a soft spot for them was to don the flower of the Knapweed.

This earned it the nickname ‘The Bachelor’s Button’ as hopeful suiters would wear the bloom in their button hole as a show of their amorous intentions.

It is said that the longer the flower lasted during their courting the stronger the love would last between two people.

We certainly fell for the blue hues of this Montane Knapweed (Centaurea montana) which caught our eye in the June sunshine.