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July 23, 2020

Do you give names to your pot plants?

Let us introduce you to Trismegistus.

This Prayer Plant is a housemate which is practically invincible. It seems it can survive the toughest of misadventures - including sporadic under-watering - and it still raises up its leaves for us every evening.

Such positive traits are no doubt thanks to its name. Trismegistus not only sounds suitably botanical but it is perhaps the most auspicuious name ever thought up by mankind.
110214188_774405716668298_7375578738760099008_n.jpg No wonder literature’s famous father figure Walter Shandy wanted this name for his son rather than Tristram, a woeful name which brought misfortunes including a broken nose from the midwife’s forceps and involuntary circumcision by a sash window.

Britain’s love affair with houseplants blossomed during the Georgian era with exotic specimens such as the popular Aspidistra earning the nickname ‘cast-iron plants’ as they were almost impossible to kill.

As well as being a status symbol, many houseplants helped to sweeten the noxious indoor air and thrived in even the most dark, dank and musty households.

Have you got pot plants? Which is is your favourite and what is their name?