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Januar 3, 2021

Presently, we were aware of an odour gradually coming towards us, something musky, fiery, savoury, mysterious, - a hot drowsy smell, that lulls the senses, and yet enflames them, - the truffles were coming.

~ William Makepeace Thackeray

From an ancient ambrosial aphrodisiac to an alluring Sunday Brunch indulgence, truffles have always been a dish to savour slowly.

And our Truffle Mary is a rather fitting way to appreciate its enticing umami flavours – it even comes with a dainty snack of truffled mushroom toast to prolong your pleasure further.


50 ml Broken Clock Vodka
100 ml Tomato Juice
Splash of Truffle Oil
3 dashes Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp Grated Fresh Horseradish
½ Pulped Fresh Chilli
Pinch Salt
Pinch Black Pepper
Splash Lemon Juice

Grilled Italian Mushrooms
Toasted Crostini
Drizzle of Truffle Oil
Truffle Salt Rim


Start by rimming half of the glass by dipping it into some truffle oil and then into sea salt.

Now add the cocktail ingredients to a Boston Tin and stir thoroughly to combine them. Drop in a few large ice cubes, add the lid and gently roll the mixture until cold.

Pour the cocktail into a tumbler filled with ice using a Hawthorne Strainer.

Build the garnish and perch it onto the unsalted rim of the glass.