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October 11, 2019

Centaurs — half man and half horse — are thought to represent the embodiment of untamed nature... a concept that was very familiar to the Georgians.
When they created the concept of the English Country Garden the Georgians wanted to give an illusion of wild flora and fauna by using expertly curated landscaping and highly skilled garden design. IMG_0877_19-10-11_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Chiswick_Centaurs_1-1_Colour.jpg Creatures like the Centaur come from ancient Greek and Roman mythology and made a regular appearance in 18th and 19th century gardens and neo-classical architecture from the same era. Many of these can still be seen today.

The Centaurs were well known to be followers of the God Dionysus who was the “Bon viveur” of the Gods and was associated with drinking wine and being merry. The Centaurs subscribed to this ethos whole-heartily and apparently would often drink to excess and cause no end of mischief and trouble.

Indeed it was one foolhardy drunken night that resulted in the Centaurs being defeated and driven from their original home of Thessaly. Please drink responsibly...