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December 27, 2020

Break the clock and slip into the slower rhythm of nature, with our final Sunday Brunch serve of the year, ‘Wasted Time’ created by @isaacisgreat from @thealchemistuk


50 ml Broken Clock Vodka
75 ml Tomato Juice
25 ml Carrot Juice
1 tsp Green Chartreuse
4 dashes Tabasco Chipotle
Juice from half a Lime

Petri dish with antique clock face
Tabasco Glass (Isomalt and Tabasco Original)


Isaac made the Tabasco glass clockface by melting down some Isomalt, adding a few drops of Tabasco and then pouring into a mould to set.

For the cocktail, combine the ingredients in a mixing glass with plenty of ice and stir until very cold. Strain into a small galvanised watering can.

Set up a Petri dish on the turf and add the Tabasco glass on top.

When ready to serve, use the teaspoon to smash the glass and ‘break the clock’, then pour the Bloody Mary into the Petri dish and enjoy.