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November 19, 2021

This savoury soupçon is a somewhat suitable way to toast World Gibson Day this weekend.

It’s a Tomato Gibson, the signature serve at London’s @thecarltontowerjumeirah Hotel and one of three rather special #brokenclockvodka Gibson martinis being stirred up by Head Mixologist Enrico Gonzato @vivimiscelato_ and the team.
1.jpg “The Gibson is without doubt one of my favourite drinks,” delares Enrico, “it is a very complex maritni, with structures and flavours that alternate between acidity and sweetness.

“I think bartenders should propose it to their customers more by learning the art of creating their own pickles and brines.”

And this is precisely what Enrico and Head of Bars, Fabio Spinetti, have done with their canny trio of tangy Gibsons for World Gibson Day, which can be procured at the hotel until Sunday 21st November.
2.jpg This Tomato Gibson combines our #awfullyenglish vodka with homemade cherry tomato brine and Royal Tokaji sweet wine.

“For me Broken Clock was love at first sight,” says Enrico, “indeed, I appreciate its fresh and floral bouquet with notes of apple - making it a perfect vodka for a martini.”