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October 31, 2020

Long before pumpkin carving and plastic paraphernalia, this spine-tingling season was a night for Punkie, Mumming and Guising.

All Hallows’ Eve marks the threshold between the light months and the dark months and our ancient pagan ancestors would celebrate this by dressing up in animal skins and burning sacrificial bones on fires – which is the origin of the word ‘bonfire’.

Those who scorn ‘trick or treating’ as an American invention should look back as far as ‘Mumming and Guising’ a tradition in 16th century Britain when locals would dress up in disguises and knock on doors, reciting songs and rhymes in exchange for food.
IMG_1344_20-10-30_Broken_Clock_Lingering_Vodka_Zelman_Cocktail.jpg In some parts of Wales people would dress up as a fearsome being called Gwrachod to spook their neighbours while in Glamorgan the 19th century tradition was rather more camp than creepy, with young men cross-dressing for their jovial door knocking.

Meanwhile in the Westcountry, children would hotly anticipate the hedonistic ‘Punkie Night’ when they would march through the town with jack o’lanterns carved from turnips, threatening anyone who refused to hand over treats.

And one new Halloween tradition we’re looking to adopt is to pay a visit to Zelman Meats, with its ghoulish skeletal artworks, where Emanuele Mensah @cocktailswithlele has created this frighteningly good sour cocktail.

It comes garnished complete with an eyeball plant – also known as a ‘buzz button’ – which if ingested gives an electrifying sensation which is strong enough to make you jump right out of your skin.


30 ml Broken Clock Vodka
20 ml Green Chartreuse
10 ml Apricot Brandy
10 ml Lemon Juice
7.5 ml Sugar Syrup

Eyeball Plant (Buzz Button)


Start by chilling a mixing glass by filling with ice and stirring. Strain off any excess liquid and then add the cocktail ingredients and stir until very cold.

Add a sphere of ice to a chilled Nick and Nora glass and then strain the cocktail into the glass using a Hawthorne Strainer.

Garnish with the eyeball plant using a small peg and serve.