here you will do well to linger; here our highest good is pleasure”

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“He who kisses
the joy as it flies
lives in eternity's
sun rise.”
William Blake

In the Garden of the Broken Clock, we do not drink immediately. We allow the senses to stir at the aroma; full-bodied, it takes us to memories of the dewy grass at first light and ripening old fruit trees.

As we open our eyes again, a slight hint of white pepper tickles the top of our nose. And as we allow ourselves to give in to the temptation of drinking, it envelops us with a smooth, fresh flavour of red apples, rose petal and a touch of earthiness, which melts away almost immediately to a subtle tingling on the tongue and a long, satisfying lingering finish.

And as the second sip chases it, the delicate breezy bitterness we crave takes over for a moment, before we start it all again. In homage to the timelessness of Broken Clock and its influences, the luxurious glass bottle is based on an original bottle design found just a few miles from the distillery, which dates back to the turn of the 19th century.