here you will do well to linger; here our highest good is pleasure”

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Pleasure finds
those who take the time to seek it.

There was a stone inscription carved at the garden owned by the ancient philosopher Epicurus with the motto: “Stranger, here you will do well to linger; here our highest good is pleasure.” Indeed, in the face of pleasure why would we want to do anything but prolong it? It’s not something that can be rushed and nor should it be.

That’s why Broken Clock takes inspiration, before all else, from the timeless, beautiful surroundings of the English country garden. A place where time vanishes, loses its power over us and the beauty lives forever if we take the time to appreciate it.

It’s the comfort and elegance that the English garden is renowned for which provides that slow, contemplative take on life and its pleasures. It’s a leisurely, gentle treat that we invite you to experience. So enter our garden. Reflect. Relax. Enjoy your time with us knowing that this could be any time in human history, and experience every second of pleasure Broken Clock has to offer.